Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rose's Rules:

  1. At the top of your lungs, with all your might, Fight for: Freedom, Equality, Justice, Honor, True Love, Respect, Goodness.
  2. Use Your Brain! Think better thoughts. Stop thinking the same old crap you thought yesterday. It will only get you to the same old place – do you like it there? No? Think better thoughts then. Think passionately, curiously, creatively, inventively.
  3. Use Your Heart! Care: About yourself “Guard Your Heart”, your spiritual life “Keep a Sacred Space”, your family, your friends, all the people, all the animals, and the entire planet. Everything you do and think is connected to everything else in this universe. “Love people as they are”.
  4. Use Your Eyes! To see things, to really see them. To see other people's point of view. Go someplace you've never been before to gain new vision.
  5. Use Your Imagination! To grow beyond who you are. Imagine a better world and make a plan to get there. Imagination is powerful!
  6. Don't let anyone do for you what you can do for yourself. Ask for help for the things you can't do. And be thankful, humble, and grateful.
  7. Exercise every day! No matter what, a very minimum of 12 minutes (an hour a day is better): walking, strength training, stretching, something special for your physical being. Best to do it outside.
  8. Don't eat crap! Eat protein, fruits, vegetables, fiber, healthy carbs, and occasional treats. As fresh and organic as possible. Don't diet. Don't worry, sometimes junk is forced on you (i.e. Grannies, aunties). Tomorrow is a new day and a new Chance to start over.
  9. You need money to live. Figure out an honorable way to gain the currency you need to live the life you want. Save, give, spend.
  10. You have the Power to write the story of your life. What adventures will it have? What are your goals? Who will be in your story? Why did you choose this life? Where were you? When did you know you overcame your hurdle? How will it end? What's your legacy?

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