Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Legacy Project

Everyone should leave behind some great, creative thing that they are proud of to inspire future generations.

I'd like to say my true love and I rode two fast Friesian horses up the mountain in Nepal to give lifesaving medicine to a secret society of good innocent peoples.

I'd like to say I flew my plane over poor countries and dropped off food, medicine, clothing, and water so that starving people could feed their children.

I'd like to say I dug wells in Africa so people would have access to clean water to drink so no one there would die of dehydration.

I'd like to say I went with my (pretend) dad, Sir Richard Branson, on missions around the world. Working with the Elders, we stopped childhood marriage and helped solve the large problems of the world. We fed, clothed, built housing for, and educated many good and decent people who in turn excelled in their communities. And then me and my (pretend) dad went on trips into outer space with his space craft – which he taught me to fly.

I'd like to say I was a master of martial arts, krav maga, weapons, and machinery. I could fight my way out of any situation. I could drive or fly any machine. I knew how to shoot any weapon ever invented.

I'd like to say with those skills I battled drug lords in Mexico for the poet Javier Sicilia's dead son and for all people who were killed, hurt, or addicted to dangerous drugs.

I'd like to say I protected women and children from rape and abuse all over the world. Every villain in every country around the entire world feared the name Shi-Rose (my superhero name – like Elektra, Chun-Li, or Warbird).

I'd like to say all those things but I can't. Because I'm chronically ill, because I'm not as strong, smart, fast, as I wish I was. Because of these things, I couldn't do the super brave things I'd like to.
But I don't sit around doing Nothing. What's important to me are True Love, Freedom, Honor, Peace, Justice, Fairness, Equality, Faith, Hope. I've been doing the best I can with what I've been given. I just pray it's enough for now. But I will continually expect more and better from myself.

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