Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Master of my Universe

     When I wake in the morning, the first thing I tell myself is that I am Master of my Universe. Today I choose what I will believe, think, and feel. I choose what to wear, eat, and drink. I choose what to say and do. I choose the values of honor, wisdom, and true love.
     I start my day with grand ideals. But at the end, I always fall short. I begin as a Master but end as a loser. It's not fair, really. I beat myself up and push myself onward. Still I'm not drastically better than I was yesterday. Today, I expected to grow exponentially as a person. I expected my best self would appear in gigantic forward leaps. Instead, 'better' occurs at a snail's pace, in the tiniest units of measurement.
     I don't understand why we all aren't more - honorable, wiser, and stronger. What holds us back, keeps us down, makes us fight so hard for such little itty bits of goodness? Am I the only one who runs into walls?