Friday, September 17, 2010

Potential Excellence

      I've been obsessing about this concept for months, completely neglecting my other blogs. But also afraid to begin writing anything on the topic for fear the grandness of my ideas will disappear into excruciatingly tiny print, diminishing what I truly want to share. Words like 'personal excellence', 'human potential', 'super achievers', 'heroes'; have been plaguing my brain. What do they mean? How can I define them? How can I measure them? Do I have the potential to be excellent, to be outstanding? I have big dreams and I can string a few sentences together. But none of that is excellent, it is common. I beg God/the universe to please, please let there be an undiscovered greatness in me. I don't want to live a colorless, drab existence, having nothing special to give. I want to stretch out my wings, fly, and smile, knowing I am fulfilling my potential. I believe every human is much greater than they appear. Why we don't show our greatness is a quandary. There's something awesomely inspiring about people who step-out, who create, invent, march forward, like they knew what they were meant to do from the moment they were born. These people have something I don't. I'm not sure what it is. It feels like it's just out of my peripherals, almost with-in my grasp...

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